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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another friend read the ms

I let another friend read the manuscript yesterday and these were her comments, which I thought were hilarious!
"Is this going to be a full novel? because what you sent me makes a brilliant short.
[If you wanted to write a full novel] you could make the doctor be so narcissistic that he eventually becomes jealous of her instead of the robot. Or/and she winds up knocked up but has an amoebic child (only the organic parts reproduced) who winds up able to traverse space (they are horrified by the prodigy and load him into a capsule and send him off to get rid of him). But then a rival scientist (one of the bastards who laughed at Isosceles) has been working on a space station that opens up right about that time and becomes this party spot for the elite, spoiled upper class. That's where the child is found, raised and turns out to be a massive sexual dynamo. Spawns a whole colony of these skeletonless wonders with big dicks and it’s all the rage to have sex with them because, man, when they wrap their boneless bodies around you, you really feel held."
Okay, her imagination is MUCH more fertile than mine... LOL
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Wow, now that's a wild story. Some people have very vivid imaginations. Which is exactly why boring people like me read these kinds of stories.
Good Luck with your new book!

April 10, 2007 at 9:28 AM  

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