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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Note from sis

My sister just sent me a note about the blog: LOL
I like it, it looks really nice.  I like that you added the cover of the book.  I think you might reconsider using a wedding photo at the top.  This stuff is long way from the romance you think of when you think of weddings. Otherwise, I think it's great. (By the way, I did change that per her instructions)
Also, I think that paragraph about you and your cat Martini is extremely weird.  But only because I know you and that is the total opposite of what you are really like.  Travel????? ass.  You are the biggest homebody I've ever met.  You have a hard time traveling to the neighbors house, much less all over the world.  And you affection for animals is only surpassed by your affection for root canals...... (She is obviously thinking of our other sister, Maleah)
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