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Monday, July 16, 2007

Review from Romance Junkies!

Dr. David Isosceles McAllister had a dream. Ten years ago, he was thrown out of the Science Institute because no one else believed in his dream or thought he had the intelligence to make that dream a reality. Chelsea Dawson has always believed in him and stood by him as his loyal assistant for the last five years, but she has always hoped that Dr. David would see her for something more. She has tried to tempt and tease him and is just about to admit defeat. But everything may change with the unveiling of Adam, an exact cyborg duplicate of the doctor himself. Dr. David has finally achieved his dream and created a living, breathing machine. But he used his own wants, desires and fantasies to fuel the cyborg, and Adam isn't shy about expressing his needs. Will Chelsea get more than she ever hoped for?

ISOSCELES TRIANGLE is a cute, fun, futuristic romance that I highly enjoyed. Ms. Alan makes the unbelievable believable in this fast paced, well-written story. Dr. David is a pretty typical egghead, completely focused on his work and gaining recognition from the peers that humiliated him years before. He is a very lovable nerd and a terrific character. Chelsea has a five-year history of unrequited lust and love and you will certainly empathize with her past efforts in trying to gain Dr. David's attention. Adam as a character is just plain terrifically fun and you find yourself rooting for this character, which is really just the side of Dr. David we have never seen. Adam brings Dr. David's hidden desires out of the closet and sparks the romance between David and Chelsea. Dr. David's lust for recognition from his peers wanes when he finds that love is much better than revenge. ISOSCELES TRIANGLE is not appropriate for readers under seventeen however as it contains explicit sex scenes with a menage theme. I enjoyed it immensely and would be happy to read more stories by Ms. Alan.

--Sandi Potterton

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