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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Great Review! 5 Lips from Two Lips Reviews

Two Lips Reviews Gave it 5 LIPS!

Title: Isosceles TriangleAuthor: Summer Alan
Publisher: Cobblestone PressGenre: Futuristic/Sci-fi
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60088-144-2
Pages: 35
Heat Level: voyerism, menage m/f/m, anal sex

Rating: 5 LIPS!

For five years Chelsea has worked beside Dr. David McAllister as he struggles to build the world’s first cyborg. She has loved him every day of these five years but he has never noticed her love. Finally David’s dream has come true and he has developed Adam, a cyborg who is the exact clone of himself. Adam awakens with an erection that is caused by Chelsea but David is oblivious. When David leaves the lab to call the naysayers who fired him years before, Adam begins to seduce Chelsea. Chelsea is reluctant at first but she soon gives in as this is the only chance she may have to be in the arms of the man she loves. When David comes across the two in the midst of passion he is confused by his feelings even as he watches until the end of the act. In a final act of love, Chelsea demands David confront his true motivations and see the true love that stares him in the face.

Isosceles Triangle is an adorable story by Summer Alan! David is a scientist lost in his lab who almost lets love pass him by. Chelsea has stood by her love for five years and is willing to confront him and make David face what he could be giving up. Adam is very much an important part of David and Chelsea’s relationship and their future. I loved the scenes of passion and have to admit to considering the benefits of a husband clone! I loved Isosceles Triangle so much I was saddened to come to the end of the story.

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Congrats on the fabulous review, Summer! It's well deserved! Isosceles Triangle is hotter than a pistol, deliciously engaging and an awesome story all-around! I can't wait to read Bone Deep!

August 28, 2007 at 6:12 PM  

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