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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New and Improved Blog!

New and improved blog today! Got the new book coming out in a month (BONE DEEP! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!) and thought the timing was right for some upgrades. Besides, I get bored easily, so I needed a change.

A couple of friends of mine just started a new blog, and they asked me to guest blog on it next week. That should be fun--although I've been told to "Keep it clean, dammit." They are a couple of spoilsports, frankly. We'll see what I can sneak into that blog... is the site. Watch for me on Wednesday next week...Halloween!

Felt like writing a piece of flash fiction so started that today. Here's the beginning:

“Seaman First Class reporting for one wild night,” Ava said to her reflection in the Mustang’s rear-view mirror. “And dressed for the part.”

Thunder shook the car as rain poured down from the pitch-black sky and covered the surrounding countryside. She smiled and peered once more at the directions to the Halloween party Lisa had scrawled down for her on a yellow Post-it Note. If this costume didn’t turn a few heads at the party, she was going as Lady Godiva next year.

Now, where had she gotten off track on this illegible mess? Lisa was a terrific friend, but she had the handwriting of a serial killer and a broken compass for a brain.

The water sluicing beneath her tires as she drove along the long, deserted two-lane road caused the rear end of the car to hydroplane. She dropped the paper and gripped the steering wheel with both hands.

Righting the car, Ava took in a shaky breath. Damn, that was close. The last thing she needed was to have a wreck out here in the middle of nowhere.

As if in answer to that thought, a loud bang sounded behind her, and the rear end fishtailed again. Resisting the urge to stomp on the brake, Ava dropped her foot from the accelerator and clutched the steering wheel, working hard to keep the front tires on the pavement.

The car slowed and bumped along until it finally rolled to a stop. Ava took in a few more breaths to remind herself that yes, she was still in the land of the living. The headlights shone out a dozen yards into the torrential rain revealing what she’d feared.

Not a person within miles on this damn road.

Ava turned off the engine and sat for a moment listening to the sound of a thousand zombies beating their fists on her roof. Or at least that’s what it sounded like out here in the dark.

“I either get out in this downpour, try to change the tire and ruin my costume or…what?” She sighed. The “what” was not good. She had to change the tire or sit here all night, fogging up the windows and listening to the zombies. She turned around and looked through the rear window.

No other cars were going to show up, that was for sure.
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