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Friday, November 23, 2007

BONE DEEP release on Friday (excerpt/contest)

The last Friday of November (not today!) Bone Deep will be released from Cobblestone Press. The story has lots of what readers, sex, and more kinky sex.
Oh, and there's some story thrown in there for fun.
Here's an excerpt...(rated R...if you're under 18, quit reading!)
     She lost her rhythm as pictures of David walking into this room and seeing her flashed into her mind. Lying naked on the floor with Kevin between her legs, his mouth inches away from her pussy. David would have killed him.
     Or would he?
     The sound of his voice brought her back to the present. "Yes?" she asked, trying to pretend she'd not just brought David into this amazing moment with them. She felt her face grow hot with embarrassment.
     Kevin moved an inch closer and touched his tongue to her thigh, licking a long, slow stroke toward her pussy. He stopped and looked up at her.
     "I know what you're thinking," he said simply.
     He rose from the floor, and she stared up at him.
     "Huh?" He couldn't have known what she was thinking. She knew that. And still, she did not want to admit the truth.
     "You come with me," he said and held his hand out toward her.


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Wicked excerpt. Spicy and nice.

November 27, 2007 at 7:14 PM  

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