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Friday, March 7, 2008

Fallen Angels Reviews Bone Deep-5 ANGELS

5 ANGELS, Bone Deep by Summer Alan

“I think we need time apart”, is what Hailey has been told by her boyfriend David. Fresh off a flight and standing in the Seattle rain, things have never looked more grim for Hailey. Then David’s best friend Kevin pulls her into one very sexy kiss. Kevin seems just the answer for all her problems. Though things are not always what they seem. Things really heat up, and Hailey and Kevin find bliss in each others arms...then David returns to stake his claim. Can Hailey realize the kind of man David is before she makes the biggest mistake of her life?

I was immediately drawn into Bone Deep by the emotional beginning. The sweetly sensual kiss shared by Kevin and Hailey in the rain had me anticipating a very interesting story, and Ms. Alan did not disappoint. The interaction and sexual chemistry between them made for one hot story. I enjoyed the spicy side to life Kevin introduces her to. The sex scenes had me fanning myself and quickly turning the page to see what came next. Ms. Alan added in just the right amount of personal drama to make the reader root for a great outcome. I am eager to read more by this talented author.

Reviewed by: Dawnie, Fallen Angels Reviews
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posted by Summer Alan at 4:02 AM


Congrats on the fabu review, Summer! Bone Deep is a fabulous story and the reviewer is right! You are a wonderful author! I can't wait for your next story.


March 7, 2008 at 6:00 AM  

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