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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ecataromance Gives Bone Deep 4 stars!

"Ms. Alan has created an emotion packed tale in Bone Deep. As a reader, I could completely sympathize with Hailey over the way David treated her as he ended their relationship, yet strung her along enough to hope for a reconciliation. I did find it hard to understand Hailey’s devotion to him, especially as her relationship with Kevin begins to grow…yet this is often true with love and breakups, right? Kevin is the kind of man every woman dreams of (sexy, smart, and caring) and hopes to find but his blind trust in his friend irritated me. Kevin didn’t trust in his own feelings concerning Hailey and puts their fragile relationship in a hard position. It’s only when these two are truly honest with themselves and each other that they are able to discover what they truly want. Anyone who loves realistic characters, intense feelings and scorching sexual encounters, won’t want to miss Bone Deep." --Trang Black, reviewer

Bone Deep by Summer Alan

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