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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Erotic Romance Reviews gives Isosceles Triangle

Isosceles Triangle
By Summer Alan
Reviewer: Aggie Tsirikas
Rating: 4-The reviewer found this book to be engrossing and arousing
Heat Level: H for Hot. Our Reviewer was forced to find her toys while reading

"Dr. David Isosceles McAllister is a scientist who has dedicated his work to his life's ambition, to the exclusion of all else. He's created the world's first clone cyborg in Adam. His assistant, Chelsea Dawson, has been in love with David since she first started working for him, though he's never noticed her as a woman. David is surprised when Adam instigates an encounter
between Chelsea that brings him to his senses. Will David realize that there's more to life than just his work?

"I really loved the way Isosceles Triangle opened, leaving your mind racing a mile a minute trying to work out what was going to happen to the main characters. Dr. McAllister sounded strange but cute, with his radical ideas, and finally being able to reach the success he'd always wanted. What I did enjoy most about this story is seeing this man of science finally acknowledge the woman who he'd been working beside for so long, a woman who was in love with him, as a desirable person and one he had strong feelings for. The plot wasn't new but it held a few surprises for me and was written in such a fashion that it kept its momentum from the opening chapter. The sex between the main characters was flaming hot, whether it was a scene between Chelsea and David, or with the irresistible Adam. This made the ménage scenes extremely arousing and helped the main characters develop their relationship at a realistic pace. Adam was absolutely yummy! And the juxtaposition between him and David was marvelously done. Seeing the other side of David in Adam, his cyborg creation, brought other elements into the equation and made this short story a thoroughly enjoyable read. Ms. Alan did these two men justice in the role they played with Chelsea." --Aggie Tsirikas

Did I mention that JERR Rocks?? Thanks so much Aggie!


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Sunday, January 6, 2008

#1 Best Cover of 2007-Isosceles Triangle

The Top Ten Covers for 2007 are:

Isosceles Triangle by artist Sable Grey

Chailali's Curse by artist Emma Petersen

Darkly Loyal by artist Croco Designs

Cat Scratch Fever by artist Cris Griffin

The Ripple Effect: Dane by artist Cerberus Inc

Ice Princess by artist Melissa Findley

Up In Flames by artist Simon Boxer

Bounty Hunter by artist Louisa Gallie

The Black Orchid by artist Tuesday Dube

Faerie Blood by artist Leita Stevens


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Ecataromance Gives Bone Deep 4 stars!

"Ms. Alan has created an emotion packed tale in Bone Deep. As a reader, I could completely sympathize with Hailey over the way David treated her as he ended their relationship, yet strung her along enough to hope for a reconciliation. I did find it hard to understand Hailey’s devotion to him, especially as her relationship with Kevin begins to grow…yet this is often true with love and breakups, right? Kevin is the kind of man every woman dreams of (sexy, smart, and caring) and hopes to find but his blind trust in his friend irritated me. Kevin didn’t trust in his own feelings concerning Hailey and puts their fragile relationship in a hard position. It’s only when these two are truly honest with themselves and each other that they are able to discover what they truly want. Anyone who loves realistic characters, intense feelings and scorching sexual encounters, won’t want to miss Bone Deep." --Trang Black, reviewer

Bone Deep by Summer Alan

Read the review here:

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cobblestone December 2007 Publisher Report

Top 10 for December 2007
1. Christmas Moon by Loribelle Hunt
2. Conquering Connie by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
3. The Secret Santa Project by Lyric James
4. Special Delivery by Marie Rochelle
5. Reign Of Pleasure by Emma Petersen
6. The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown
7. Desiring Dixie by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
8. Dancing For The Wolf by L.A. Day
9. Rules of Engagement by Loribelle Hunt
10. Bone Deep by Summer Alan


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