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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ecataromance Review

Review by Ecataromance

Isosceles Triangle

Genre: fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-144-2
Page Count: 35 pages
Price: $3.99
Reviewer: Racine
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 3.5 Stars
Author's Website:

Summer Alan has written a great quick read...

Dr. David Isosceles McAllister has finally created a cyborg that his colleagues said couldn't be done. But when he walks in on his creation and his assistant having sex, he realizes what he wanted was right under his nose all along.

Chelsea Dawson has worked with Dr. McAllister for the past ten years. She has also been in love with him all this time but he fails to notice her. When Dr.McAllister's cyborg, who locks exactly like him, expresses his desire and wants to make love to her, she gives in but is caught by Dr. McAllister. So Chelsea devises a plan to have the man himself not just his cyborg.

Summer Alan has written a great quick read about two people who finally realize what is important in life in Isosceles Triangle. David comes to realize that Chelsea is more important than people who don't care about him. You won't want to miss the hot and steamy sex scenes either.

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ISBN# 9781600881442
June 8, 2007
Cobblestone Press
35 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Chelsea Dawson has loved her boss for years. As much as she supports his research in cloning and respects his intelligence, she wonders just what it is going to take for him to see that she loves all of him, not just his mind.

Dr. David Isosceles McAllister has been obsessed for ten years with proving that his cloning and cyborg theories are on target. While he is very attracted to Chelsea, he is so focused on revenge on his former employer and co-workers, he does not allow himself the luxury of a relationship with her.

When David finally figures out what was needed to make his clone cyborg work, he is ecstatic. Chelsea however, is chafing under his perceived disregard and is certain that like all the others this clone cyborg will pop, fizz, and sizzle out quickly without ever opening its eyes. However, when David flips the switch this time it is different, and he names his creation Adam. Will Chelsea be able to use Adam to get David to open his eyes and see what is right in front of him?

Isosceles Triangle is a riveting scifi read that addresses some very real possibilities for the future of science. It poses the question of "Just because we can do something, does it mean we should?" Chelsea's inner turmoil is very well written and you can practically hear her top blowing off at the beginning of the book as her mind tries to figure out a way to get around the good doctor's supposed disregard. I liked how Adam seemed to personify the emotions that David kept hidden, often even from himself. The sex is hotter than a firecracker. I look forward to more books from this author and highly recommend her.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Review from Romance Junkies!

Dr. David Isosceles McAllister had a dream. Ten years ago, he was thrown out of the Science Institute because no one else believed in his dream or thought he had the intelligence to make that dream a reality. Chelsea Dawson has always believed in him and stood by him as his loyal assistant for the last five years, but she has always hoped that Dr. David would see her for something more. She has tried to tempt and tease him and is just about to admit defeat. But everything may change with the unveiling of Adam, an exact cyborg duplicate of the doctor himself. Dr. David has finally achieved his dream and created a living, breathing machine. But he used his own wants, desires and fantasies to fuel the cyborg, and Adam isn't shy about expressing his needs. Will Chelsea get more than she ever hoped for?

ISOSCELES TRIANGLE is a cute, fun, futuristic romance that I highly enjoyed. Ms. Alan makes the unbelievable believable in this fast paced, well-written story. Dr. David is a pretty typical egghead, completely focused on his work and gaining recognition from the peers that humiliated him years before. He is a very lovable nerd and a terrific character. Chelsea has a five-year history of unrequited lust and love and you will certainly empathize with her past efforts in trying to gain Dr. David's attention. Adam as a character is just plain terrifically fun and you find yourself rooting for this character, which is really just the side of Dr. David we have never seen. Adam brings Dr. David's hidden desires out of the closet and sparks the romance between David and Chelsea. Dr. David's lust for recognition from his peers wanes when he finds that love is much better than revenge. ISOSCELES TRIANGLE is not appropriate for readers under seventeen however as it contains explicit sex scenes with a menage theme. I enjoyed it immensely and would be happy to read more stories by Ms. Alan.

--Sandi Potterton

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm in the Top 10!

Top Ten Best Sellers - Cobblestone Press
1. Wereplanets: In Smoke by Crystal Jordan
2. Incognito: Charming Carmen by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
3. Season of Change: Hurricane Season by Loribelle Hunt
4. Dominant Territory by Cora Zane
5. The Promise of Forever by Lyric James
6. Dominic's Temptation by Jade James
7. Isosceles Triangle by Summer Alan
8. Incognito: Collaring Kat by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
9. Undercover Pleasure Droid by L.A. Day
10. Narian Summer by Tiana Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh


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